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Why Order A Melbourne Pre Purchase Building Inspection

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When anyone considers the purchase of a building or a home in Melbourne, it is very wise to order a Melbourne pre purchase building inspection. There are many items in a home that can be defective and even the seller may not be aware of them. Consequently, before signing on the dotted line, a buyer should make sure that everything is working correctly and is in good condition before they make a commitment.

If you go ahead and purchase a building without checking on the vital working portions of that building, you may end up having to spend thousands on repairs just so you can take possession.

If you hire a Melbourne pre purchase building inspection done you will be able to be sure that all systems are go, or if not, they will be fixed at the seller’s expense.

Items that need to be inspected include the roof, the shingles, the boards that support the shingles, and to check for any leaks. The inspector should look for any rotting of wood, any mold anywhere in the house, and any water spots anywhere in the house on the ceilings, walls and floors.Pre purchase building inspection reports are important in Victoria

A thorough inspection of the electrical system and the wiring should be made, to be sure everything works and the system is up to code specifications. The same holds true with the plumbing. Are there any leaks, and does everything flow properly.

The heating and air conditioning systems should be tested and thoroughly analyzed to be sure that those systems are properly functioning. The compressor, condenser and the motor should all be thoroughly checked.

Be sure that the building is thoroughly inspected for pests, as you don’t want to take possession and find out that your walls are full of roaches, or that there is a giant nest of termites eating away at your walls. And you certainly don’t want a herd of mice chewing up all of your electrical wires. It is fairly easy to get rid of pests, but have it done before you sign the papers, and let the seller pay for it.

Be sure that the foundation of the building is secure and that there is no settlement of the building. Is there underground water running anywhere? If the building has fireplaces and chimneys, are they up to speed in their condition, and are they fire proof. Many fires are caused by inadequate chimneys.

If you find defects, you will have put in the sales contract that they are to be corrected by the seller at the sellers expense in compliance to Australian building codes, or there will be no transaction.

Written by wpadmin

September 18th, 2015 at 9:56 pm