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Construction Panels and Its Many Uses

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The versatility of wood panels is astronomical. In today’s day and age, you see people thinking outside of the box and taking a very basic outdoor wood panel and transforming it, by using it for what it was NOT intended for. Wood panels are ideal for a division, for outside walls and even bringing them inside to provide depth to a room.

Wood panels come in treated and untreated.

Treated wood means that the panel is processed with a chemical under pressure to aide in its longevity. Unprocessed means the wood has not gone through that process and is typically used indoors. Wood panels also come in different types of species. For example, you can find the boards in Birch. Birch is a very light color, almost white. It is also very lightweight. Pine has a yellow base. While Oak tends to be a deeper brown generally with red undertones.

Wood panels can be brought inside and used for an accent wall. These are usually surrounded by beautiful pieces of trim to provide depth. Inside the home or office wood panels can be used to create a coffee table, for cabinet doors in your kitchen, or to create wall art, by stenciling or painting a design on the panels. Wood panels can be used to make excellent outdoor furniture once it has been structurally reinforced. You can make outdoor patio furniture, decks, and storage for your outdoor equipment. If you need a professional adviser contact Innovative Panel.

Wood panels range in price. You can typically get it at ten dollars per board. The price increases depending on the design, the type of wood, the weight and whether it is treated or untreated. The higher priced wood panels can cost you around thirty-five dollars or more per panel. It is a versatile product because it fits any budget and any aesthetic.

Some unique ideas where people are implementing the use of wood panels can see in tiny houses. Many are using the wood panels as headboards, or inside to divide rooms inside small spaces. People are taking various types of wood panels and cutting them to specific sizes, staining them different colors and placing them on walls to create a piece of art, but also to add something other than wallpaper and your typical paint on the walls.

Wood panels make great shelves. You can create bookcases. You can take wood panels and create storage inside doors and any dead space. Wood panels can be used for mezzanine floor when treated and protected with the right products to extend its life. Wood panels typically bring the outdoor in or creates a rustic feel that many look for when they want to connect with nature.

In the end, you can just use wood panels in its usual and traditional form. You can use it on the outside of your house or shed to protect the exterior. You can use it inside as a wall, and you can paint it. The idea is to realize that even in its simplicity wood panels make as a great addition to any home, office or building. For those thinking outside of the box, wood panels can become a center piece, a focal point that will bring you praise, but also brings you a sense of pride for creating a masterpiece you will love.

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